welcome to la casa bali


Welcome to our premium Accommodation and Booking service. At La Casa Bali, our aim is to offer prospective visitors and customer’s accommodation of the highest quality and comfort levels at competitive and affordable prices that are unique in character and positioned in prime locations around Bali.

We will do this by simplifying and streamlining the process of searching for and researching available accommodation options, providing accurate property descriptions, feature and configuration lists, villa photos, map and location details and compliment this with an online reservation and booking system and other value added benefits.

In Bali, the surrounding islands of Lembongan and Lombok, there are a high number of Villa’s built in a variety of styles and designs that have varying degrees of quality of features and comfort levels. For many first time visitors finding and booking a Villa in a location that matches their desires and needs may involve a high level of search, research and time. Trying to find the right Villa in the right location at the right price could mean the difference between experiencing a memorable and wonderful holiday or a stay ruined by poor choice.

Villa designs and styles vary between traditional architecture designs using local materials such as Bamboo and thatched Alang Alang grass roofs and more modern contemporary designs using combinations of timber, marble, tiles, rendered or washed walls. Most Villas have open air bathrooms, spas and a swimming pool and are surrounded by tropical sculptured gardens and landscaped features.

Your research should start by reflecting on your own tastes, desires, needs and budget, as well as gaining an understanding of the type of experience you are looking for. Then match this to a location and a style of Villa you prefer.

We are also able to offer additional services to the benefit of anyone that books a Villa through our online reservation and booking service.

This includes:

• Airport transfers.

• Guided tours.

• If you require any additional services please ask and we will try to accomodate.